Fine-Tune Your Manuscript With Ally-Gator Book Bites

Fine-Tune Your Manuscript With Ally-Gator Book Bites

We offer editing services for our authors

You’ve dreamed up the perfect concept for your children’s book, drafted a manuscript and chosen a local independent publisher to publish it. Now what? The first step of the publication process is editing. When you work with Ally-Gator Book Bites, you can count on us to sharpen your manuscript before we send it to our design team. Call us today for more information.

How does the editing process work?

An editor’s job is to take an author’s writing and polish it for publication. When you publish your book with Ally-Gator Book Bites, you’ll get full editing services. What can you expect from the editing process? You will:

  • Work closely with one of our editors during the course of your writing project
  • Get helpful feedback on your manuscript that will help you take it to the next level
  • See your manuscript go from a draft to a completed book

Our editors get manuscripts ready for our designers, who put the pages and illustrations of your book together. The end result is a beautiful book that’s ready to be printed. Get the process started today—contact us for more information about our submission process.