Callie Thomas

Callie M. Thomas lives in southwest Louisiana with her husband and two sons. She is a wife, mother, teacher, friend, sister, daughter, and child of God. After graduating with her Masters in Education from McNeese State University, Callie and her family moved to North Texas to start their cattle enterprise. Soon after their second son was born, they realized how important family is and decided to move back and continue the cattle operation closer to home. Guardian Angel of Mine is her first children’s book. Callie was inspired by her children to create this story in the hope that other children around the world will learn to relate to their guardian angel through prayer. Callie ensures that prayer is incorporated in almost every activity involved with her children; from the moment they wake up, before they eat their meals, daily prayers for others, and always before she lays them down to sleep. Callie enjoys spending her free time with her husband and children at their family ranch and taking care of all their farm animals.