Jolie Dubriel

Jolie Dubriel was born in Alexandria, raised Oberlin, and lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She is the youngest of three children raised by a single parent. After graduating LSUE in 2011, she took at a job at Allen Parish Libraries in Oberlin. A place she always chose to escape with a book or two. As a child, fairy tales always intrigued her. Reading is her first love and writing is her second. In 2015, as she was finishing her bachelors' degree in Psychology at McNeese State University, the Broadway play "Into the Woods" was made into a Disney film. This inspired her write her own revision of the world's most treasured fairy tale character "Red Riding Hood". This is her first publish work and hopes to continue on. Jolie enjoys working with children, since working with children with Autism and special needs. Her love of children from all backgrounds has grown ten-fold and continues to be inspired by each child she comes in contact with. She is daydreamer; and wishes to see London, Paris, and New York someday. Maybe even dance in the streets, if she can.