Leif Pedersen

Leif N. Pedersen hails from New Orleans and lives in Slidell, Louisiana. He has been a singer for almost 40 years and spent a half dozen of those years as the featured vocalist with Buddy Morrow's Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. It is from those years that the rhyming style of the "Adventures" evolved. Leif is a former Marine and a member of Southeastern Louisiana University's Music Hall of Fame. For the past 25 years, he has worked as a professional fundraising executive and leader of the 14-piece, 1944 Big Band. "While my Norwegian "Pedersen-side" certainly has dominated most of my lifelong persona, it is my mother's "Fourrier" side and long lineage of Cajun connections back to Louis XVI that have stimulated my love for Cajun lore. I have tried to bring this to life in these adventures."